The Castle Rose is the pseudonym of Canadian graphic designer & illustrator, Irene Castellano. Hi, hello, that’s me. I create branding & printed goodies for brands, small businesses, and fellow creatives that are fresh, clean, and colourful.

CLOUDY  Illustration

CLOUDY Illustration

Unpeeled  Poster Design

Unpeeled Poster Design

HOMESCHOOl  Branding + Packaging

HOMESCHOOl Branding + Packaging

PLANT EATER  Illustration + Product Design

PLANT EATER Illustration + Product Design

J. Avolio  Collateral

J. Avolio Collateral

CONTRAC  Print Collateral + Web

CONTRAC Print Collateral + Web

INKTOBER 2019  Traditional Illustration

INKTOBER 2019 Traditional Illustration

PATRICK’S BIRTHDAY Illustration + Stationary

Forest Farms  Branding

Forest Farms Branding


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with heart.

Something beautiful but ineffective isn’t doing it’s dang job. If you want to see what we could make together for your business or event, take a peek at my services and get in touch for more details


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