Hi, hello.

Irene Castellano is a graphic designer and illustrator based out of very cute city of Guelph, Ontario. (Or, if you’re not familiar with Canada: she’s on the Toronto side of the country, as opposed to Vancouver.)

Her bread n' vegan butter is branding + collateral for small businesses, creatives, and events. Her recognizable design aesthetic mixes sharp typography with thoughtful colour palettes and hand-drawn illustration + lettering to create strong visual solutions that are eye-catching, easy to consume, and meticulously executed (some call her nit-picky, but she prefers detail-conscious.) An abandoned passion for words results in a knack for copywriting that she occasionally puts to work for her clients - 'cause a clear message is just as important as a pretty face.

When she’s not creating for hire, she creates illustrated printed goodies + apparel under her shop of the same dang name. She likes reading about weird / spooky / magical nonsense, every cat she's ever met, almond milk in her coffee, pretending she doesn’t drink coffee, and collecting scraps of paper that she may or may not use one day, idk, maybe.

If you want to see more snippets of her work, you should follow her on Instagram. You can also find her work on Dribbble or, if you’re her mother (hi mom!), on Facebook.


Pop ups + Markets

06-2019 Summer Solstice Market (St Catherine's)
06-2019 London Feminist Fair
04-2019 Punk Rock Flea Market (London)
04-2019 Kazoo Print Expo (Guelph)
03-2019 Print Pop (London)
02-2019 Valentine's Market (St Catherine's)
12-2018 Winter Market (St Catherine's)
12-2018 Pixel + Bristle Winter Market (Toronto)
10-2018 Not Your Mother's Market (Guelph)
09-2018 Punk Rock Flea Market (London)
07-2018 Punk Rock Flea Market (Hamilton)
07-2018 Punk Rock Flea Market (London)
04-2018 Guelph Night Market x Kazoo Fest


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